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I've been an artist first and foremost in my life and tend to look at all of my projects -- business or otherwise -- as conceptual works in progress. I never know how a piece is going to look when it's completed; I tend to work in very broad strokes at first, homing in on different areas to fill in greater detail until the finished piece finally emerges. As often as not, the final result ends up being as much a surprise to me as it is to others. Such is art and such is life.
  Book Shop Card  
  Book Shop Postcard  
  House of Burgess  
  Claire Restaurant  
  Divine Postcard  
  Fish Kite  
  Havana Docks Bar  
  Kite Catalog Cover  
  Key West Sunset  
  LBS  Sound  
  New Hope Leather  
  New York Strip  
  Painting Pinball Machines  
  Painting Parking Meter  
  Puddle Jumper  
All artwork 2005 Robert Lee
The watercolor pieces were painted for a friend's line of Caribbean salsas. The products were sold to a wide range of chain grocery stores in the Southeast and Southwest. Logotypes were created for each flavor and then placed in over the artwork to create the film and final plates for printing.
Two of the pieces -- Pinball and Parking Meter -- are paintings from a series on coin-operated machines. Each of the 10 paintings in the series was a high-realism portrait of a different coin-operated machine that served human beings. Every piece was intentionally devoid of people and served to depict the subtle but creeping prevalence of machines in society. Pinball machines, jukeboxes, parking meters, Laundromat washers and dryers, soda machines -- anything that you put money into and got something out of. Every painting contained unique visual challenges to solve: reflections in backlit glass, clouds reflected on convex glass surfaces, neon lighting in a Wurlitzer jukebox. Painting is hard work.

These two pieces were part of that collection completed over a couple of years and became part of my last one-man show in the early 70's. 'Pinball' survived the Thanksgiving 2002 fire but took a lot of cleaning to restore most of its original color.

Mixed into this slideshow are assorted airbrush (and other media) pieces mostly done during my time in Key West. Many were done as illustrations that were eventually reproduced as postcards and business cards.

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